An Exhibition at Milazzo Castle in Sicily showing what the sad effects of what we are doing to our Oceans through plastic waste. 
On a recent holiday in Sicily whilst visiting a beautiful old Castle dated around 4000BC in a fishing village called Milazzo. We were fortunate to come accross Siso and an exhibition on the crisis we are seeing right now involving plastic in our oceans. 
Siso was a young sperm Whale 8.5 mretres long that died in 2017 entangled in drift net during migration close to the Aeolian Islands. 
The Coast guard struggled to free him for many hours but Siso could not be saved and Siso was later found dead along the cape of Milazzo 
A guy called Camelo Isgro saved Isos's bones along with the net that killed him and the plastic bags that were found in his stomach. 
And with the remains of Siso, Carmelo Isgro created the exhibition in the Castle of Milazzo based on the findings in Isos the Sperm whales stomach and to raise awareness of the plastic we are polluting the ocean with. 
In an an event organised by the local Coast Guard of Milazzo, in just 2 hours and on just 100m of beach, students from a local school collected 15,000 plastic bottle tops, 10,000 cotton wool bud sticks, and an unbelievable amount of straws and plastic waste that filled a complete cavern in the castle. 
The displays and ehibition was a really powerful reminder of what we are doing to our planet.  
It is a major requirement of Salvage Society when sourcing and making our lovely products that no plastic is used and we use recycled and regenerated products where possible. All our mailbags and distribution bags are made from plant starch and are 100% compostable and therefore will not be hanging around in our oceans for 100's of years affecting our marine life. 
We are continuously involved in beach cleans (blog coming soon) and constantly thriving to do our bit for the enviroment. 
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